Career Counseling

Do you have difficulty creating a healthy work-life balance, advocating for yourself or setting boundaries in the workplace?

Are you feeling confused about what steps to take next in your career?

Are you uncertain about whether or not you’re even in the right industry?

Our therapists specialize in helping young professionals navigate career confusion and challenges in the workplace and understand how stressful it can be when our jobs aren’t fully aligned with who we are and what we want. We understand the nuances and complexities of making a change and the pressures that come with living in a highly career-oriented and achievement-driven society.

We use a series of career assessments, tools & therapeutic techniques to help our clients figure out:

  • What their primary needs and values are when it comes to work
  • What small and/or large shifts they need to make in their job or career
  • How to better communicate their needs and set boundaries in the workplace
  • How to negotiate for raises and promotions
  • How to take realistic steps to gain clarity about their career goals
  • How to cope with work stress in healthy ways

Curious about career counseling? Contact us for a free consultation to learn more.

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