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We are in-network with Cigna & Aetna. In order to use your insurance benefits for couples therapy sessions, only one member of the couple must have an insurance plan through one of these providers. We also offer private pay and sliding scale options.

We help couples navigate:

  • Infidelity and Betrayal Trauma
  • Miscarriage, Abortion & Pregnancy
  • Health Issues
  • Dynamics with Family & Friends
  • Parenting
  • Biracial & Bicultural Differences
  • Sex & Intimacy Issues
  • Financial Strain
  • Trust & Communication Issues

We help couples heal their relationship issues, navigate difficult times, prevent future challenges and improve communication.

Do you and your partner find yourselves having the same conversation or disagreement over and over again?

Are you unsure whether or not you & your partner are aligned in regard to your needs, values and life goals?

Do you and your partner struggle with communication and both end up feeling unheard or misunderstood?

Are you in a healthy relationship, but just want some extra support navigating a difficult time together?

Whatever your situation, our therapists can help.

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What is couples therapy?

Couples therapy is a safe, non-judgmental space for couples to discuss their relationship challenges and to get professional, objective feedback about how to effectively overcome them. Your therapist will act as a neutral third-party and sounding board. They will reflect back insights, patterns and observations that may be hard for each party to clearly see and/or that may be hindering effective communication. Together with your therapist, you will determine the steps that are needed to make your relationship happier and healthier.

How do we know if we need couples therapy?

Anyone can benefit from couple’s therapy – whether you’re married, living together, have been dating long-term or are just starting out. You also don’t need to be in the midst of a crisis or on the brink of separation in order to benefit from it. However if you find yourselves having the same conversations or arguments, are feeling unhappy, are struggling to communicate in a healthy way or are confused and unsure about the longevity of the relationship, working with a therapist can definitely help you get some tools and answers. Likewise, if your relationship is in a pretty good and healthy place, couples therapy can still be a great way to remain aligned and to prevent future issues from arising down the road.

How can couples therapy help us?

For starters, couples therapy can help you to assess your relationship and identify the ways that you and your partner are or aren’t currently aligned. It can help you work through issues and get support/feedback about your patterns of relating to and communicating with one another. Couples who are both willing to look at their role in the relationship problems often report better communication and overall relationship satisfaction upon completing couples therapy. Many couples also develop a plan to prevent future relationship issues. Couples therapy can help you and your partner to feel more connected, more understood and ultimately more loved. It can help you approach things as a team and deepen your trust with one another.

Behind every great relationship are difficult and uncomfortable conversations we rarely get to see. Great relationships don’t just fall into our laps. They require people to move through their fears & insecurities and do the hard work to move wounds into healing.”

Vienna Pharaon

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