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Group Therapy

We offer group therapy to help our clients build community and feel validated, seen and understood.

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Support Group for Immigrants in US

Lead by Natalia Leider, an immigrant herself, this group is designed to help young adults who are transitioning to the US from another country.

Together we will discuss:

  • our experiences and challenges with the transition
  • how to cultivate new relationships
  • ways to balance cultural differences and changes to our values/belief systems that differ from our family of origin

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Support Group for Millennial Women

Lead by Jessica Scott, this group is designed to support millennial women as they navigate anxiety, dating, relationships with friends and family and career decisions.

Together we’ll explore:

  • how to identify & communicate our needs
  • how to evaluate our relationships
  • how. to connect with our most authentic, confident selves
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Career Counseling Support Group

Lead by a career counselor, this group is meant to support those who are feeling confused about their careers and to help them gain insight about their needs, goals and values when it comes to work.

Together we will:

  • identify our needs, goals and values when it comes to work
  • gain the confidence to be more assertive in the workplace and/or ask for a promotion or raise
  • unravel fears and limiting beliefs that keep us stuck vocationally

We accept Cigna & Aetna and self-payment for all support groups.

The out-of-pocket rate is $38/group.

“One of the most valuable things we can do to heal one another is listen to each other’s stories.”

Rebecca Falls

Let’s Start Healing Together.