“Jessica is wonderful. My concerns were so complex, and I really dig deep with societal conventions, spiritual and philosophical values, relationship troubles, and career choices. She didn’t miss a beat. She offered wise and insightful suggestions and input, which I appreciate greatly. I wasn’t looking for someone to just complain to… I needed collaboration, perspective, opinions, and feedback. She gave me exactly that, all while remaining kind, empathetic, and completely non-judgmental. She can be trusted to bring you out of any dark spell.”

-AL, 05/18/2019


“I had never been to therapy prior to working with Jessica, so I was naturally nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I was instantly made to feel like I was supported and in a safe space. Jessica is patient and kind, while still always pushing me to dive deeper into the issues I was there to address. I truly appreciate all the strategies and insight that Jessica has provided me with, and I am much better off because of our time working together.”

-KL, 02/22/2019


“Jessica is great at really understanding what I’m feeling and why I’m feeling it. She offers not just explanations but actual practices or exercises to feel better. She listens to me without judgement or jumping to any conclusions/labels about my character.”

-V.A., 03/12/2019


“Jessica is truly non-judgmental. She listens to whatever is going on with you, is empathetic and comes up with some type of solution. Sometimes people need more than talking it out. Jessica has provided me with worksheets that make communication even deeper! If you need someone to support you and make you feel safe to talk no matter what, Jessica is your counselor.”

-J.E., 10/02/2018


Jessica has been a breathe of fresh air to my relationship. She has listened, remembered the many details exchanged and provided a healthy approach to our issues. I have already recommended her to a friend!

-C.H., 08/27/2018


“I only had 2 sessions and she was surprisingly great in her field. She helped me more in 2 sessions than counselors tried to in months and months. She knows what she’s talking about, she’s very knowledgeable about addiction issues, mental health issues, LGBT community. The list goes on.”

-V.A., 12/09/2018


“Jessica is awesome, very caring, and can read between the lines! I highly recommend her.”

-M.A., 03/10/2019