Individual Therapy For Relationship Issues

Our therapists specialize in treating adults who are experiencing relationship issues whether they be romantic, platonic, familial or professional. We use attachment-based theory and a person-centered approach to help individuals understand the core of their own relational identity to pinpoint how this may be impacting their dynamics with others. We have found that when clients can fully understand their own role in each dynamic, gain effective communication & boundary-setting skills, increase their confidence, and become their most authentic self, their relationships with others become much easier to navigate.

We help clients learn how to…

  • Communicate more effectively in their relationships with others
  • Identify and advocate for their needs in relationships
  • Set boundaries and work through the guilt that can come with it
  • Stop people-pleasing, avoiding conflict and building resentment
  • Navigate the challenges that come with dating
  • Deal with relational conflict in a healthy, effective way

Q: Is couple’s therapy necessary to address relationship issues?

A: Believe it or not, there are a lot of ways that a relationship dynamic can change even if only one person in the dynamic is working on self-improvement. We can also only understand and make decisions about our relationships when we are showing up in them as our best, most authentic selves. While couples or family therapy is a great space for committed couples or families to work together on shared goals for the relationship, individual therapy is also an important space to safely explore how our own stuff might be interfering with the health of our relationships.

Q: Will therapy hurt my relationship?

A: It is almost inevitable that as we make changes in our lives, our dynamics with others may also change as a result. We cannot guarantee that the change to those dynamics will always be positive. Sometimes people have a negative response to us setting boundaries or expressing our needs, for example, if they have benefitted from us not doing so for quite some time. Additionally, as we do a deeper dive into better understanding our relationships, we may recognize that they no longer serve us or that we need to distance ourselves from certain people for our own benefit, which can trigger a period of grieving and/or loss.

Q: Do you provide couples and/or family counseling?

A: While we specialize in working with clients at the individual level, we can provide referrals and resources if you are interested in couples counseling or family therapy. We also find that it is helpful to have a separate, individual therapist to process what comes up in those sessions and to have a space to work on your own personal growth separately from the relationship(s).

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