Grief Counseling

Grief & loss can throw our whole lives off balance. It can make us question our reality, lose our sense of self and put our lives on pause. We can also put unrealistic expectations on ourselves about what our grief should look like and/or how long it should last. However, we believe there is no one universal or “best” way to grieve and that it is incredibly nuanced and complex. We also believe that grief does not only apply to death and that we often have to mourn the loss of many people and things throughout our lifetimes.

Our therapists specialize in meeting clients wherever they’re at in the grieving process and teaching them to be compassionate and non-judgmental with themselves as they make sense of it all.

People who experience grief often report feelings of, but not limited to:

  • hopelessness
  • confusion
  • anger
  • betrayal
  • guilt
  • shame
  • relief
  • depression
  • numbness

We help people who are grieving or experiencing a loss to:

  • sit with & navigate the complex emotions they’re experiencing
  • communicate with their loved ones about their needs
  • weave the experience of their loss into their life narrative
  • continue functioning & maintaining life’s responsibilities while simultaneously honoring space for their grief
  • have and practice self-compassion and non-judgement

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